We create tools for monday.com to help your team succeed

Our small team of designers and developers has
many years of experience in creating smart app  
solutions for businesses of any size.

Data security

We respect your company data on monday.com and treat it securely and carefully

Data security has the highest priority for us. We securely store all your company data in data centers by Hetzner and deliver it with Cloudflare. All our apps pass monday's strong requirements to protect your data from corruption, theft, or unauthorized access.

User experience

We design and develop solutions that integrate seamlessly into the monday.com platform

By strictly following monday.com's design guidelines and design system, and with our focus on user-centric design, we're delivering the finest user experience, and ensure that every interaction is seamless and intuitive for you and your team.

Custom apps

We develop individual and fully customized monday.com app solutions for your company

At Gorilla Apps, we consult, design, and develop fully customized and proprietary app solutions exclusively for your monday.com account. Custom apps are the perfect solution for your business, if you have very unique and special requirements, or an individual use case.

In addition to providing individualized and fully customized app solutions, we prioritize a seamless integration with your workflow. Our team goes beyond consultation, design, and development, ensuring that our proprietary apps are tailored precisely to your company's distinctive needs.

If your business demands specific features or operates within a unique use case, our custom apps offer the ideal solution. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach may not suit every enterprise, so we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that elevate your monday.com usage.

Interested in custom apps?

Let's learn about your requirements, answer questions, and
review ways how we can help you and your organization with
our rich knowledge in building monday.com apps.