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Are there any technical limitations?

During development, we tested the export with up to 10.000 board items and did some extreme tests with up to 30.000 items. The export automation will abort if it takes longer than 4.5 minutes, which can happen if a board has a lot of mirror columns and/or too many items. The Email, sent by the export automation, is not allowed to exceed 30MB (including attachments). The spreadsheets, stored in the in-app spreadsheet editor, are limited to a size of 5MB. To avoid running into limitations, our current recommendation is to create Spreadsheet Templates that contain up to 10.000 board items across up to 10 different boards. There are no limits regarding the number of Spreadsheet Templates you can create.

Which formats can be exported from spreadsheet templates?

Spreadsheet templates can be exported to Excel, CSV, and HTML files.

How do I merge multiple boards into a spreadsheet template?

Click the choose boards button or link in your spreadsheet template and search for the boards that should be added. Select these boards by clicking the blue arrow button. Once done, scroll down to the end of your worksheet, select a board from the dropdown and click the plus button.

Are monday.com guests or viewers able to use the app?

No, currently the app is limited to actual members of your monday.com account.

Do you support formula columns?

Due to technical limitations, formula columns are currently only partially supported. The reason for this is that the monday.com API doesn't return the values of formula columns and Spreadsheet Gorilla needs to execute the formulas on its behalf. This usually works quite well for simple formulas but hits limitations when for example subitems are involved. Until the monday.com API returns the values of formula columns, we therefore consider support as experimental.

Do you support summary columns?

Due to technical limitations, columns where values of subitems get summarized are currently not supported, they will appear as a comma-separated list instead. As a workaround, you can export subitems into a separate sheet and then use our custom formulas feature, with formulas like SUMIF to do these calculations. Make sure to export the "Parent ID" column of the subitems, this contains the ID of the main item and can be used as a way to create a reference between main items and subitems.