Feature requests demo

Share your product journey. Gather feature requests and roadmap updates on monday.com and easily display them on your website.

Showcasing feature requests and roadmap updates on your website is a dynamic approach to keep your audience engaged in your product development journey. It allows you to transparently communicate the evolution of your offerings, gather valuable insights, and maintain an open dialogue with your users. The visible presentation of your commitment to improvement builds confidence and fosters a collaborative relationship with your customers.

Show board
  • Enhance transparency and user engagement with your product
  • Centralize and utilize feature requests directly on monday.com
  • Customize the look and feel to match your website
  • Embed everything seamlessly into your website
  • Publish with ease, no coding required


Discover more demo examples of Board to Website Widget for monday.com

We prepared a couple of demos that represent common use cases on monday.com, but you are by far not limited to these. Feel free to create and publish your individual scenario. You have full access to these example boards and widgets once you install the app. Use them as a starting point, in case you don't want to start building from scratch.

Reviews board

Boost your social trust. Gather reviews on monday.com from platforms such as Google or Trustpilot, and showcase them on your website.

Real estate board

Leverage your data twice. Manage your real estate portfolio on monday.com and present it to prospective buyers on your website at the same time.

Team board

Leverage your team data. Manage your human resources on monday.com and display them use case based on your website at the same time.

Press releases board

From draft to publication. Manage your press releases or company news on monday.com and transform them into real website content.

Showrooms board

One place for all. Manage business locations or showrooms centrally on monday.com and display them to customers on your website.

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