Add the app to a workspace

This option is recommended to easily make the app accessible to your entire team from the sidebar. Navigate to a workspace of your choice and click the blue + button next to the search field in the sidebar. Now go to Apps and click Exported Excel Cleaner.

Add the app to a board

This option is recommended, if you only want to use the app on specific boards. Navigate to a board of your choice and click the + button to add a new view. Now go to Apps and click Exported Excel Cleaner.

Step 1

Open the app

You are now ready to clean and convert your first exported Excel spreadsheet from by opening the app from the sidebar or within a board. In the screenshot we added the app to the sidebar.

Step 2

Choose an Excel spreadsheet

Simply click Choose file in the app, and navigate to the folder where the exported and downloaded Excel file from is located. You can only choose one file at this point, but repeat this step anytime.

Step 3

Clean and convert spreadsheet

Multiple options now appear. Just choose from one of the target file formats below. By clicking, your chosen exported Excel file from will be cleaned and converted. To choose another file, click on the checkmark above.

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