How do I remove the branding from Excel exports?

Are you looking for a solution to clean up Excel exports from In this guide, we'll discover all options on how to remove the logo and the default formatting from Excel files.

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Why you want to remove the formatting and logo from Excel spreadsheets

There are a couple of good reasons why you would want to have an unformatted and clean spreadsheet exported from without any logo or advertisement. Let's take a look at the most obvious ones.

  • Share Excel spreadsheets with clients focusing on the content
  • Avoid doing advertising for another business while being on a paid plan
  • Keep working on raw data in your spreadsheets how it’s meant to be

Option A

Remove the default format and logo from exported spreadsheets manually

This is the most obvious and direct way to get rid of any default formatting and the logo of the exported Excel file. Though doing it manually, is also the most time consuming, and most annoying way. This option can't be recommended.


  • Full control of changes


  • Heavily time consuming
  • Additional editing work

Option B

Remove the formatting and logo from exported Excel files with macros

If you have repetitive tasks in Excel, you can record macros to automate tasks. A macro is a set of actions that can be run as often as needed. This option is way better than cleaning Excel spreadsheet exports manually. But it takes time to create it initially and you are very limited to one specific board structure, for which the macro is based on.


  • Moderate time consuming once set up
  • Semi-automated process and workflow


  • Takes time to create macros
  • Limited to specific board structures
  • Handling subitems can be painful

Option C

How to clean up exported spreadsheets from with Exported Excel Cleaner

With Exported Excel Cleaner for you can stop editing your exported Excel files from manually or with macros. Easily remove the standard format, branding, and the logo. Drop any of your exported Excel files into the Exported Excel Cleaner and turn them into clean, usable, and plain Excel spreadsheets, CSV, ODS, or HTML files in no time.


  • Save a lot of time during day work
  • Easy and intuitive two step workflow
  • Accessible for your team in one place
  • Multiple target file formats available (XLS, CSV, ODS)
  • Data security ensured due to client-sided conversion


  • Additional monthly or yearly costs
  • Semi-automated process and workflow


What is the best way to remove the logo and the default board style formatting from exported Excel files on

In conclusion, removing the default formatting and branding from Excel exports is crucial for maintaining a professional presentation of your data. While manual removal offers full control, it's time-consuming and tedious. Macros provide some automation but are limited in flexibility. However, utilizing tools like Exported Excel Cleaner streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring clean, usable spreadsheets without compromising data integrity. Despite the associated costs, the efficiency and ease of use make it a valuable investment for streamlining workflows and enhancing presentation quality. Feel free to get started for free down below, or learn more about how to use the app.

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How do I remove the branding from Excel exports?

Are you looking for a solution to clean up Excel exports from In this guide, we'll discover all options on how to remove the logo and the default formatting from Excel files.


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