Turn all monday.com Excel
exports into usable and
clean spreadsheets

Easily remove all monday.com logos and
the formatting from exported Excel files.

Transform exported Excel files from monday.com into usable spreadsheets how it's meant to be

Remove the monday.com branding from exported Excel files, detach the standard formatting, and convert them into multiple file types like CSV or Excel.

Quickly clean up and convert all exported Excel files directly from the monday.com sidebar

Give quick access to the app for your whole team. Perform fast and easy Excel file cleaning and convert monday.com's Excel exports with just a few clicks.

Convert exported Excel files to multiple file types and download them directly on monday.com

Export an Excel file from any monday.com board, drop it to the Exported Excel Cleaner app to clean it up, convert and download in a file format of your choice.


How do I remove the monday.com branding from Excel exports?

Are you looking for a solution to clean up Excel exports from monday.com? In this guide, we'll discover all options on how to remove the monday.com logo and the default formatting from Excel files.

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