Create and export customized
spreadsheets from boards
directly on

Spreadsheet Gorilla is your all-in-one app solution
for managing spreadsheets on


Manage everything from spreadsheet templates

Spreadsheet templates are your central hub to create and maintain spreadsheets. Combine boards in multiple worksheets, select and map the board columns to the spreadsheet columns, and calculate cross-board data with formulas.


Calculate data with powerful formulas across boards

Create advanced Excel-like formulas with 200 ready to use functions. Use them in your spreadsheet templates to apply them directly in your saved and exported spreadsheets or to update board items in bulk in any workspace.


Export spreadsheets always synced with your boards

Easily export spreadsheets manually or through automations and get your spreadsheet reports. Configure your spreadsheet templates once and export your boards recurrently to Excel, CSV or HTML.

» I love this app so much. The new feature of sending automated
emails with an Excel spreadsheet attached, has really made
it so much easier and efficient to compile weekly reports. «

Takalani Ntshauba
Marketing Manager


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How do I make use of Spreadsheet Gorilla for

Spreadsheet Gorilla is a powerful tool for everything spreadsheets on and beyond. In this guide we will explore all the apps' features like exporting to Excel, and how you can utilize them.


How do I email Excel reports with automations on

Are you looking for a way to send emails with attached Excel spreadsheets through automations? In this guide, we'll explore how to recurrently email Excel reports based on boards.


How do I use formulas across boards to update board columns?

Are you looking for a way to perform cross-board calculations on to update board columns? In this guide, we'll explore how to build advanced formulas and cast their results to board items.

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