Export spreadsheets recurrently with Spreadsheet Gorilla for monday.com automations

Create spreadsheets from boards and email them as embedded
table or Excel attachment. Send notifications containing
calculated values based on formulas.


Learn more about how to export Excel files with automations

We recommend to watch the video tutorial and learn from scratch how to set up Spreadsheet Gorilla to email Excel spreadsheets as attachment or inline table with monday.com automations. Feel free to skip and head over to the first step down below.

Step 1

First get started by creating and editing a new message

While having your template open, click the Edit messages button. Messages are bound to Spreadsheet Templates and are used either as email text or notification text. Messages can be enriched by formulas, that calculate values based on your template.

Step 2

Edit the message to your needs in the message manager

Either overwrite the default message, or create a new one. Name your message by clicking New message at the top center, so once you set up the automation, you know which one to choose. Type in a subject and the message text itself, now click the Save button.

Step 3

Set up and create the actual monday.com automation

Now head over to your monday.com automations and choose from one of the templates or create a custom automation. For now, you can either send an Excel attachment, an embedded table by email, or you can send a notification to one of your team members.

Are there any technical limitations?

During development, we tested the export with up to 10.000 board items and did some extreme tests with up to 30.000 items. The export automation will abort if it takes longer than 4.5 minutes, which can happen if a board has a lot of mirror columns and/or too many items. The Email, sent by the export automation, is not allowed to exceed 30MB (including attachments). The spreadsheets, stored in the in-app spreadsheet editor, are limited to a size of 5MB. To avoid running into limitations, our current recommendation is to create Spreadsheet Templates that contain up to 10.000 board items across up to 6 different boards. There are no limits regarding the number of Spreadsheet Templates you can create.

How many automations are included in the Premium plan?

The Premium plan currently contains 100 automations per month. In case you need an increased amount of automations, please write an email by using the contact form.

How do I get notified if an automation fails for some reason?

The creator of the automation will get a monday.com notification in case an error occurs while trying to run an automation.

Is there a run history of recent automations?

Beside the automation run history on monday.com, Spreadsheet Gorilla provides an in-depth history from the last 90 days, which is accessable by account admins only.

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