Spreadsheet Gorilla for

Find all the latest improvements, bug fixes, and features for Spreadsheet Gorilla for in this changelog.

May 22, 2024

Introducing Dynamic Boards

New features

  • Boards in a Spreadsheet Template can now be flagged as "Dynamic Board". Dynamic Boards automatically get replaced with the board from the current context. With this feature, a single Spreadsheet Template can be used, to export boards that share the same column structure.


  • The dialog used to update monday items based on the result of custom formulas now persists the selected target column in the user's local browser storage.
  • The time limit for each automation is now shown in the automation history dialog.
  • Removed the Board Manager "Choose boards" dialog.

May 7, 2024

OAuth registration for automations


  • Maximum export time changed from 4.5 to 7.0 minutes (requires additional permissions, and to remove and re-create existing automations).
  • On automation failure for the first time, there will now be a second attempt (unless the automation failed because of the maximum timeout).
  • Added a "disable" checkbox to the board settings (useful to temporarily exclude certain boards from the export, in case of problems e.g.).
  • Added execution time, execution id, and number of attempts to the automation history dialog.
  • Added an alert dialog when removing boards from a spreadsheet template.
  • Added a "duplicate spreadsheet template" button.
  • The "Task Name" column was replaced with the actual item name specified in the board.
  • The messages dialog now opens instantly (board items are not loaded by default anymore).
  • The user survey was removed.
  • The onboarding dialog was updated.

Bug fixes

  • Opened board column dropdowns don't overlap with appended boards below.

April 2024

Improved appending of boards


  • Introducing this changelog for better transparency of improvements and bug fixes.
  • Appended boards now display all of their board columns by default.
  • Added buttons to the dashboard with tutorials.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some minor user interface issues.