How do I email Excel reports with automations on

Are you looking for a way to send emails with attached Excel spreadsheets through automations? In this guide, we'll explore how to recurrently email Excel reports based on boards.

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Why you would consider sending emails recurrently and fully automated with Excel spreadsheet attachments

Excel spreadsheets are probably still the most versatile and most used file format for interchanging structured data across pretty much any business and industry. Read more about it on the official community forum in the thread Automation for Board Exported to Excel and Emailed. The most obvious use case is for reporting purposes on a periodic bases to clients, management or team leaders. Let's take a quick look on potential use cases:

  • The finance department requests daily Excel spreadsheets by email for billing
  • The management needs a report on the progress of the last week in their inbox
  • The team lead needs a summary before turn of the month when items get archived
  • The sales team wants to send all clients a monthly report for documentation purposes

Option A

How to send Excel files attached to emails periodically with onboard features and automations

Actually it is not possible at this point to send emails with attached Excel spreadsheets created from boards with automations. This option always includes the use of third party services specializing in automation processes and integrations that happen outside of, like service providers such as or



  • Generic and limited automation capabilties
  • Setup and maintenance outside of
  • Additional monthly or yearly costs

Option B

How to create automations for exporting boards to Excel and send them by email with Spreadsheet Gorilla

Using Spreadsheet Gorilla provides a fully integrated workflow directly on to send Excel spreadsheets every day, week or month by email with automations. You first want to create a spreadsheet template which represents one or multiple boards you want to export. Then you set up an email message template with a personal note to be used in your automation. Finally you head over to your automation center and build a new automation to your needs that will do the job.


  • Solution optimized for
  • Easy to set up in three simple steps
  • Full control over the exported Excel
  • Combine boards from across workspaces
  • Email spreadsheets to multiple recipients
  • Choose from different ready-to-use recipes


  • Additional monthly or yearly costs


Learn how to export boards to Excel spreadsheets and send them by email to one or multiple persons with automations

In the following video guide you will learn from scratch how to utilize Spreadsheet Gorilla for, in order to email Excel spreadsheets as attachment or even as inline table with automations. Set up your spreadsheet template by mapping the board columns to the spreadsheet columns, and remove unnecessary columns on the go. You can also combine multiple boards from across workspaces in such spreadsheet templates. Then configure and customize your email message. Finally head over to your automation center and choose from all the recipes coming with the Spreadsheet Gorilla app. For example select the one to send the email daily, weekly, or monthly on a specific day and time to one or multiple recipients. You can further set up your own automations, beside the ready to use recipes.


What is the best way to email Excel reports based on boards daily, weekly or monthly with automations

In conclusion, while lacks native support for automating the emailing of Excel reports, there are two viable options available. Option A involves using third-party services like or, offering generic automation capabilities. However, this comes with additional costs and maintenance outside of Alternatively, Option B offers Spreadsheet Gorilla, a solution tailored for users. This integration provides a seamless workflow within, allowing for customizable automation settings and full control over exported Excel files. Ultimately, the choice depends on user preferences and priorities. Whether opting for the convenience of third-party services or the tailored integration of Spreadsheet Gorilla, users can streamline their reporting processes effectively.

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How do I email Excel reports with automations on

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